Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yes, I know I am rubbish at keeping this blog up to date. I will offer the traditional 'very busy' excuse and beg you all, out of compassion, to accept it. Thank you. 
Very well, here is a progress report. All the vocals are now done. Drums and bass pretty mush finishes and guitars are about half way done. I am pretty pleased with how it is all sounding and it is extraordinary how another's input can change the whole sound of a track. I am very grate ful to young Thunderbags for his enthusiastic input. Brides of the Wind now sounds a bit like Steely Dan! Cool.
Tomorrow I'm back up to London to work with Tony Freer and Fran Newberry recording Cor Anglais, oboe and 'cello. I'm very much looking forward to this as they are both superb musicians and lovely people. On Sunday I'll be doing more guitar stuff. Probably going to tackle The Man Who Sold Magic. It's hard,and I've got a bit scared of it. Funny how you form relationships with your own music. The Man Who Sold Magic is the album's scherzo. Quick and dramatic and difficult to play. Well for me anyway. It's based on a character called Count St. Germain who I believe is the model for Dr. Who.
Tony and Fran are featuring especially on The Seeds of the Sun which is essentially a cor anglais and 'cello solo. Fran is adding to The Man Who Sold Magic and Tony has a cor anglais solo called The Rain Curtain that comes at the end of Willow Hill. 
Talking of which, one or two folk have inquired as to the reality and whereabouts of Willow Hill. It is a place. It is one of the 7 hills of Logres and from it one may look over Lyonesse, beyond the moon, before the flood to the mist-shrouded memory of Numenor, unless ones eyes have grown dim under the influence of the dark mythologies and superstitions that grow in the wake of scientific discovery.
I'll get some photos of Fran and Tony to post. Anyone who can recall the Hammersmith Odeon concert will remember Tony and his mighty oboe.
See you soon.
Lots of Love
F xxx

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