Monday, 3 September 2012

Good evening everyone. Pretty successful and enjoyable  few days in the studio with Fran and Tony. I also went to my old friend Tom Robinson's 20 yer house party which was great fun.
So the cor anglais and cello are done and sound truly lovely. They are such players, Tony and Fran. Seeds of the Sun features them both, in fact they take the lead through out the whole piece. The cor anglais, in spite of it's name which is in reality a corruption of the french for angled horn on account of it once having been bent, is such a quintessentially English sound. It can't help but evoke images of pastoral Albion. The cello also has such a deep emotional quality.
The Seeds of the Sun is a kind of elegy for an England past, it is subtitled, A Lament for the Hedgerows. I've tried to graft a very English mode onto a dark almost middle eastern wash. I think it works well.
Willow Hill is now finished, all 15 minutes of it. Brides of the Wind is pretty much there as is The Shining Hour. The Man who Sold Magic and Broceliande/The Faerie's Funeral are next. I have to say the guitar parts for both of these are quite difficult and need to be got just right. But notwithstanding all that, its onward and upward, as they say.
Lots of Love
F xx  


  1. This is really whetting my appetite! Loved Tony's work with The Enid.

    Any idea when you're looking to release?

  2. I am aiming for the end of September.

  3. Good news. "To Wake the King" was pretty special - I'm really looking forward to this one.